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Nobody Does It Better

Nobody Does It Better – B2

Nobody Does It Better – B1

Nobody Does It Better – T2

Nobody Does It Better – T1

Nobody does it better – Score

Nobody Does it better – Lyrics only

A Wonderful Guy

A Wonderful Guy – Bass

A Wonderful Guy – T2

A Wonderful Guy – T1

A Wonderful Guy TTB (new edition, May 2022)

Bring Him Home

Bring Him Home – B2

Bring Him Home – B1

Bring Him Home – T2

Bring Him Home – T1

Bring Him Home

The Man I Love

The Man I Love – B2

The Man I Love – B1

The Man I Love – T2

The Man I Love – T1

The Man I Love (full score)

Some Day My Prince Will Come

Some Day My Prince – B2

Some Day My Prince – B1

Some Day My Prince – T2

Some Day My Prince – T1

Some Day My Prince Will Come (enlarged)

Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination – B2

Pure Imagination – B1

Pure Imagination – T2

Pure Imagination – T1

Pure Imagination

I dreamed a dream

Dreamed a dream – B2

Dreamed a dream – B1 

Dreamed a dream – T2

Dreamed a dream – T1

I dreamed a dream TTBB

Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love – B2

Seasons of Love – B1

Seasons of Love – T2

Seasons of Love – T1



Summertime – B2

Summertime – B1

Summertime – T2

Summertime – T1


Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over – B 2
Bridge Over – B 1
Bridge Over – T 2
Bridge Over – T 1


Shine – B 2


Shine – B1
Shine – T 2
Shine – T 1


The Sound Of Music

Sound of music B 2

Sound of music B 1

Sound of music T 2

Sound of music T 1 

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow B 2
Over the Rainbow B 1
Over the Rainbow T 2
Over the Rainbow T 1


Something B 2
Something B 1
Something T 2
Something T 1
Bass 1 – Lyrics